Living Room Conversations


One of our goals is to have respectful conversations about Guns and Responsibility and understand different perspectives.

We all care about the victims of gun violence. We all love our children and our family. This is a conversation about our hopes and concerns in order to develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding responsible gun ownership.

This is a controversial subject, but we still need to have these conversations. 

Supporters of gun control typically argue for more legislation to combat gun violence. Some of these measures include increased background checks, closing the gun show loophole, as well as banning assault weapons and bump stocks.

Gun rights advocates typically argue against increasing government regulation and focus on rigorously enforcing current legislation, improving mental health awareness, and bolstering security in public spaces, such as arming teachers in schools.

Traditionally, supporters of gun control believe that the Second Amendment is taken out of context in the modern world, particularly with advances in gun technology that have created deadlier weapons than were available in the 18th Century.

Gun rights advocates argue that limiting gun rights would be unconstitutional and that a determined criminal will obtain a gun regardless of government regulation.

A smaller subset of gun control supporters argue that all guns should be banned, citing strict gun control policies in the UK and Australia that have led to a reduction in gun violence.

After the Florida school shooting in February of 2018, some conservatives have split with the party and expressed openness towards certain gun control measures, such as raising the minimum age to buy a rifle and banning high-capacity magazines.

Wherever you are on this topic, we want to hear from you. We will provide a safe place to have this conversation.