TIME SENSITIVE: Contact Your MA Legislator Now

The MA joint committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security is deciding by Feb 5th which bills to advance to a vote in the MA House and Senate. We have been advocating for three specific bills.
H. 2045, An Act Relative to Crime Data Reporting and Analysis. This would help us better understand crime guns to help identify ways to stop the trafficking of these weapons and their use in Massachusetts.


H. 2091: An Act Requiring Live Fire Practice For A Firearm’s License to require applicants for firearms licenses to have experience shooting a firearm before they’re allowed to carry one, helping to ensure Massachusetts gun owners are responsible ones.

H.3843: An Act Relative to Ghost Guns, which will prohibit untraceable and undetectable guns. This bill will stop people who cannot legally purchase or possess guns from circumventing state and federal laws, such as background checks and waiting periods, while also undermining the efforts of law enforcement.

Take action now to urge your legislator to support the bills following the steps below. It will take you only a few minutes.

  1. Email your House Rep and Senator HERE
  2.  Call your State Representative and Senator
    1. To find your legislators’ contact info. and phone number use the look up tool HERE. Simply enter your address and then click on the names to find their phone numbers.
    2. Call your State Representative and Senator using the following script:

“Hi my name is [full name] and I live in [your town/city] and I’m your constituent. I urge you to pass gun safety bills H. 2045, H. 2091, and H. 3843 to keep MA residents safe, or urge the Public Safety and Homeland Security committee members to advance them. We need to keep MA a leader in gun safety. Thank You.

Together we fight for a safer MA!