Lobby Day at the Statehouse – 7/26/2019

We were at the State House this morning lobbying our Reps for gun violence prevention bills. Thank you for your time today, State Rep. Michelle Ciccolo!! We are grateful that you, State Senator Cindy Friedman and State Senator Mike Barrett are supportive of gun violence prevention measures!!

We are advocating for the following bills:

H. 3781
➤ Implementing a 10 day waiting period for handgun purchases
➤ Posting warning signs that clearly and visibly warn firearm purchasers that they must wait ten days before they receive their gun.
➤ Informing the licensed dealer if the purchaser has applied for another firearms purchase in the last 30 days (and they are not excused from doing so under H.3780) 

H. 3782
➤ Requires licensed firearm vendors to create and submit a comprehensive report on individual firearms
→ photograph
→ test-firing and ballistics report
→ make, model, and serial #

➤ Enforces registered firearms in the commonwealth to undergo inspection
→ within 10 days of initial purchase, annually thereafter
→ must carry inspection document
→ excludes law enforcement

Please call your reps and let them know about these bills.