Vigil for Virginia Beach victims

Please join us for a vigil today to mourn the lives lost in Virginia Beach mass shooting.

Details here:

Unfortunately, shooting in Virginia Beach sets an alarming precedent. Details of the shooting highlight a fact that is becoming a trend to the growing list of active-shooter cases: the assailant used a .45-caliber handgun with extended magazines and a barrel suppressor. This small detail — that the loaded gun was fitted with simple, and lawful, “silencing” equipment sets a dangerous precedent. Bystanders can run from the gunfire only if they know where it is coming from. For first responders, in a world that has adapted to lessons learned in school shootings, they no longer assume a potential hostage situation and now are trained to run toward the gunfire — assuming, of course, they know where it is. (Source: WaPo)

Suppressors are legal in 42 states, though they are regulated under the National Firearms Act and therefore are treated like other specialty gun accessories, including requiring a background check and a $200 tax. Recently, making suppressors more easily accessible has become a focal point of gun rights activists who want to increase dwindling gun sales and hunting groups who argue that suppressors are actually a health necessity in that they reduce hearing loss. As recently as June 2017, the then-Republican-majority House was considering a law to make the regulation of suppressors less onerous. You know, for the sake of the auditory sensitivities of shooters. (Source: WaPo)

I am not sure about the laws in MA and will reach out to MA Coalition to get clarity, but I found this Globe argument which hopefully is true and suppressors are still illegal in MA.

Please join us for the vigil, we cannot let this become normal.