Lexington Discovery Day

What is Discovery Day and why will Lexington Says #Enough have a booth?

Discovery Day in Lexington is a free event that enables local businesses and organizations to boost their visibility. This year, it’s on Mass Ave! In addition to sidewalk sales, there is food and entertainment.

Lexington Says #Enough will have a tented booth with an 8′ table and 3 folding chairs. We will drape one of our canvas banners across the front or have a new banner for visitors to sign.

Gun violence is the public health crisis of this generation, and we need to keep the prevention movement front and center, despite “issue burnout.”
At the booth, we’ll have posters, maybe some photos of the events we’ve done, and printed handouts inviting visitors to check out the website, LHS Club, and FB page. We’ll have clipboards and forms to take contact information.

We can increase awareness of our group and encourage others to participate.

Please signup to volunteer in one of the 60-minute shifts!