Vigil on Sunday, May 5th

Candlelight Vigil to honor the victims of recent shootings

Please join us to mourn the lives lost and lives forever changed by gun violence this week.

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Yesterday we lost a life to gun violence in Dorchester.

Yesterday we also saw an attack on students at University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus. Two students were killed and four were injured.

The Poway shooting on April 27 — the last day of Passover — claimed one life, a woman named Lori Gilbert Kaye, who threw herself in front of the synagogue’s rabbi and saved his life. We have seen two attacks on the Jewish community in the last 6 months and the rise in anti-Semitism is concerning.

We will stand in solidarity and love.

Bring battery operated candles or cell phones with flashlights

If anyone has any questions, feel free to DM at