Vigil Highlights

In the wake of #Christchurch shootings in New Zealand, we organized an event on March 24th, 2019. The event was a historic first at the Lexington Battle Green where hundreds of muslim neighbors said their evening prayers and then we shared chai and samosas at First Parish.

Lexington SelecvtBoard passed a proclamation in Feb, 2017 which says, “Our town is committed to making Lexington a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community for everyone, treating all people fairly and fully embracing the unique contributions of all Lexington residents. In Lexington we affirm that all means all people.”

The fact that this community vigil happened on the historic Battle Green and are all here, was truly putting the Lexington proclamation in ACTION.

What happened in Christchurch is a horrific example religious intolerance, white supremacy, and gun violence. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has proved what it takes to be a true leader in the face of a national crisis. She has moved with an astonishing speed in tackling gun violence. 

The NZ government is banning military-style weapons. 

A buyback program is being launched to take existing weapons out of circulation.

In contrast, our Federal Govt. has far been slow to respond. The House passed Background Check Bill HR8 just a few weeks ago, and President Trump has vowed that he will veto the Bill if it passes the Senate. 

To me, it is beyond disappointing that our govt. is so resistant to responding to the rising crisis of gun violence. #Enough is Enough. We need to use our voice and votes, and we need to vote them out.

I am proud of Massachusetts. Our gun laws are strong and our lawmakers are committed to keep making them stronger. We have several bills in motion and youth leaders like me are advocating and lobbying for these bills. Please get involved and write to your State Reps about these Bills. Subscribe to our emails and we will tell you when action is needed.

There is no room for hatred in Lexington.

There is no room for intolerance in Lexington.  

There is no room for bigotry in Lexington.

Here are a few highlights from the vigil.