Gun Violence Prevention Rally

Rally for Gun Violence Prevention was held on the historic Lexington Battle Green and was a success. 450+ community members from Lexington and neighboring towns attended the rally. This was an opportunity for the community and students to get together and raise awareness about this issue.

The theme of the rally was “Use your voice, Use your Vote”.

The program is designed to be efficient and to bring our community (and neighbors) together:

– Take action at any of our “Action Stations” (details below)
– Brief Speeches by students, teachers, and faith leaders
– Take action at any of our “Action Stations” (details below)

The Rally was an opportunity for our communities and students to raise awareness and take action:

– register or pre-register to vote
– sign petitions to be sent to elected officials
– join community art projects that speak to gun violence prevention
– explore “Living Room Conversations” on the issue of gun rights and safety and related topics
– learn about upcoming campaigns in crucial states where there are opportunities to elect candidates who will support gun safety legislation
– sign postcards that will be sent to elected officials and to voters who can help make a difference
– add their names to community banners for future gun violence prevention events
– join a group photo that will memorialize the day of action and demonstrate values of unity and compassion